Bilingual Connections

Our Mission

Our Mission is to help people use language to enhance their career and improve their quality of life.

Our Services

Bilingual Connections is a professional foreign language firm that provides comprehensive language  services in over 70 languages for a variety of industries.

We deliver solutions that facilitate multilingual and multicultural communication in order to meet the challenges of today’s global arena. Our extensive, well-seasoned pool of professional language experts consistently exceed our customers’ needs and expectations.


Our Big Why

We understand the importance of learning another language at a personal level. Our minority, woman owned, firm was started by a family that knows firsthand what it is like to move to a new country, have to learn a new language, and adjust to a new culture while maintaining their own language and culture.

Helping people make that transition and join a community where they can be productive members, who can also understand how to access services and care when they need it is our passion.

Our Team


President & CEO

Maria Eugenia Guzman, President/ Owner of Bilingual Connections processes new clients, and maintains client relationships across the South East Region. She manages over 300 active interpreters in over 70 languages. Maria Eugenia has lived in the Triangle with her family since 1990.


Director of Language Institute

Christian Yen graduated from the Law School of the Pontific Catholic University of Peru, with a specialization in negotiation and project structuring. With a background in linguistics, he is a dedicated and enthusiastic Spanish instructor. He is recognized for his innovative methods of teaching language that are energetic and vibrant. Relying on his many years of experience in teaching; he has handpicked and trained our instructors.


Marketing & Business Development Director

Paulina Bohorquez is the Marketing and Business Development Director at Bilingual Connections. She has 12 years of business management experience. Paulina has led small business owners at Women’s Power Networking weekly meetings and presented on various business development strategies for over four years. Paulina has also served as the Young Careerist Chair at the Business and Professional Women of Raleigh Chapter scouting out men and women that contribute to our communities and mentoring them through the competition. Paulina also served as the Residential Chair for the Triangle USGBC. She is committed to Bilingual Connection’s mission to assist people to use language to create opportunities whether it’s to enhance their career or improve their quality of life.

Our Expert Advice


Here at Bilingual Connections, we have the knowledge and expertise to help you do the best for your clients, whatever your needs.