Our Mission

Our Mission is to help people use language to enhance their career and improve their quality of life.


Our Services

Bilingual Connections is a professional foreign language firm who provides comprehensive language¬† services in over 70 languages for a variety of industries. We deliver solutions that facilitate multilingual and multicultural communication in order to meet the challenges of today’s global arena. Our extensive, well-seasoned pool of professional language experts consistently exceed our customers’ needs and expectations.


Our Team

Maria Eugenia Guzman, President & CEO

Christian Yen, Director of  Interpretation Operations

Paulina Bohorquez, Marketing and Business Development Director


Our Big Why

We understand the importance of learning another language at a personal level. Our minority, woman owned, firm was started by a family that knows firsthand what it is like to move to a new country, have to learn a new language, and adjust to a new culture while maintaining their own language and culture. Helping people make that transition and join a community where they can be productive members, who can also understand how to access services and care when they need it is our passion.