Bilingual Connections

Best Practice Guidelines for Video Remote Interpretation

The world of communication is ever-expanding and with the move towards online, no-contact business, the way we interact has also undergone a significant shift. As our world metaphorically gets smaller and businesses realise how much they can achieve remotely, the need for video interpreters is increasing. Interpreting for a live event naturally takes skill, professionalism […]

Video Remote Interpreting Leads the Revolution in Interpretation

Generally speaking, technology has had a modest impact in recent years on the world of interpreting in comparison with its effect on other industries. However, the innovation of Video Remote Interpreting (VRI) has transformed interpreting and made a huge impact on accessibility to relevant services. We are routinely offering the option in many languages including […]

How Can Remote Interpreting Help My Business?

Video Remote Interpreting, or VRI, is an innovative concept that is making a huge difference to businesses all  over the world. Interpreting, instead of being done in person, is carried out over a secure video conference call.  VRI is an efficient, convenient and cost effective way to deal with language differences within your company and […]

Video Remote Interpreting Leads the Revolution in Interpretation

Communication practices have shifted dramatically over the last couple of years. With new technologies and the ever-growing world of no-contact business, the way we interact with each other is changing. The world we’re working, living and learning in is also getting smaller as we find ourselves able to connect with people from all over the […]