The world of communication is ever-expanding and with the move towards online, no-contact business, the way we interact has also undergone a significant shift. As our world metaphorically gets smaller and businesses realise how much they can achieve remotely, the need for video interpreters is increasing.

Interpreting for a live event naturally takes skill, professionalism and an understanding of the context and tone of the presentation, but this is arguably even more important when meetings are conducted remotely. The demand for Video Remote Interpretation (VRI) has recently increased dramatically and we’re proud to say that we have a wealth of experience in offering these services. 

Before we go into the most effective way you can use VRI, and the key to best practice, allow us to introduce the concept and give you an insight into how and when it should be used.

What is Video Remote Interpretation and When Is It Needed?

VRI functions by connecting an interpreter with anyone who requires help for communicating in a variety of languages. It is not an over-the-phone set up, but instead it is done by video link. It is a particularly useful service for a number of reasons, such as those listed below:

  • When interpreters are not available on site, VRI is essential. This is particularly important for example, in a hospital setting, when an interpreter might be needed immediately. 
  • When sign language is required, VRI makes remote interpretation for those hard of hearing possible. 
  • When lots of people want to join a call and many of them need an interpreter, our VRI has the facility to accommodate everyone.
  • Sometimes VRI is used when a language or dialect is not offered locally. One of our team can join remotely to help.
  • In the event of a pandemic, when face to face becomes impossible, businesses requiring interpreters can still function.

When it comes to Video Remote Interpretation best practice, we believe we are the experts. In this blog post we delve into why and how you can rely on our professional service to provide you with the assistance you need.

Best Practice VRI

High Speed Internet

This kind of technology relies on a seamless internet connection; it is at the core of the whole meeting’s success. We always make sure that before we consider offering this service we know we have high quality video available – incoming and outgoing. The internet connection must be high speed and needs to work on a wide band width. Our routers and software are always up to date and we carry out speed tests to check the efficiency of our internet connection at all times. You won’t find your call with us interrupted by random downloads, streamed videos etc, either, and our network is set up to run multi-way video calls so we can accommodate meetings in more than two locations. 

We encourage everyone we link with to ensure that their internet connection is good enough and their network is configured correctly, so they can also enjoy an uninterrupted call from their end as well.

Clean Audio Quality

It’s essential that the interpreter is able to hear the client clearly and also be heard. At Bilingual Connections we make sure that the interpreter has all of the below:

A Quiet Room

This might sound obvious, but it is absolutely essential that everyone can hear each other perfectly clearly throughout the call. The meeting room needs to be quiet and all noisy appliances (fans, fridges, other machines) are turned off. 

NB: We always check our audio before we start by recording a test and checking the clarity. We recommend our clients do this as well.


A Good Microphone

Another key component of quality VRI is a high-end microphone. We use high-tech equipment and, again, always test before we go live. Some interpreters use a headset but these are  purpose made for calls and meetings. They have directional audio and are excellent at keeping out unwanted background noise. 


All our interpreters are qualified to a high level so you can depend on their clear enunciation. We encourage them to over enunciate if the situation demands, so lip reading can act as a backup. Not only are all of our staff excellent at speaking and communicating clearly, we always insist that, should there be any issue with clarity, they back themselves up with chat. There is usually a chat option on a visual comms program so, when necessary, typing the mis-heard phrase is a great way to ensure the message has got across.


Bilingual Connections understands the need for complete professionalism and our interpreters join your meeting with a background that is carefully considered. Your interpreter will always be the main focus and the background will be neutral with minimal distractions. There may be a bookshelf, window, curtains or a few simple plants, but nothing much else. It goes without saying that the space will be organised and tidy.

Test Call

We always have a test run ahead of time and would encourage anyone involved with Video Remote Interpretation to do the same. Knowing that the equipment is working and the sound is clear instils confidence in our interpreters and allows them to get on with the job in hand without worrying about technical issues. 

Our expert team members take great pride in their work and their best practice mantra is second nature. We work with a wide range of professionals, business and other individuals to offer outstanding service time and again. For more information about what we can provide, including Video Remote Interpretation, get in touch and our team will be on hand with friendly, professional advice.

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