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Professional Language Classes

Industry Specific Group Classes

Bilingual Connections, LLC specializes in creating industry specific courses customized to the audience’s specific communication needs. Our language learning methodology enables students to use the language effectively.  Respect for and cultural awareness skills for workplace/on site settings which are essential to enhancing communication during critical situations is also a component of the curriculum.

Teaching Method:

Our teaching method focuses on cultivating the student’s spoken and written abilities in foreign languages by using the natural ability to learn one’s own language. This is designed to be a process that happens naturally and originates from the student as they maneuver through conversations, enjoyable interactive lessons, and real life scenarios.  Our classes are fun and lively; they focus on acquiring effective communication skills for daily use.  We have enhanced the traditional teaching method based on translation and grammar to an elicitation method in which teaching is situational. Our method also emphasizes the student’s audio-lingual skills by training their pronunciation and intonation. Books are chosen for their high didactic quality and are supplemented to tailor the area of interest of the student.

nurse-patientIndustries Served

  • Medical: First Responders, Private Practice, Urgent Care, Hospitals etc.
  • Construction: Home builders, Contractors of all trades
  • Real Estate: Brokers, Home builders
  • Legal: Attorneys, Court clerks, Case Workers


  • Entry Level Operational/Practical Program (6 week program)
  • Advanced Program (10 or 12 week program)
  • English as a Second Language


  •  Put your team on the path to language learning in 6 short weeks.
  • Classes offered at your site to eliminate commuting time.
  • Flexible scheduling to fit the needs of your team.
  • Job related language skills to advance in your industry and provide better service to those you support.
  • Take advantage of our advanced 10 or 12 week programs to continue language learning for more complex or uncommon situations.
  • Fluency evaluations ensure better placement and results.
  • FREE BONUS! Students learn about culturaly respectful workplace practices.


Entry Level Operational/Practical Program :

  •  Basic terminology
  •  Focus on speaking and listening
  •  Gather basic information from clients, customers, & employees
  • Avoid dangerous mistakes
  • Deliver basic instructions
  • Explain common forms
  • Role-play common scenarios and use top 20 -30 FAQ questions and instructions

Advanced Level Program:

  •  Advanced terminology
  • Focus on conversation and written communication
  • Dealing with communication in delicate situations
  • Deliver more complex instructions and have complex conversations
  • Role-play uncommon and complex scenarios


Private and Group Classes

teacher_and_students-2508x1672[1]Immersion Program

Designed to strengthen fluency and increase success in school and/or work.

Build confidence through improved comprehension, fluency, and pronunciation.  Develop the skills to use language adequately in areas like marketing, advertising, corporate meetings, and negotiations.

Camp Program

Designed to strengthen fluency and increase success in school and recreation.

Program builds confidence through improved comprehension, fluency, and pronunciation in ESL and other languages through fun activities, role play and games.


We can supplement your programs by adding fun and engaging language classes and bring even more value to the students participating in your camps.  Teaching the love of languages will broaden the children’s horizons and will inspire them to be more inclusive and well rounded as they grow.

Each session includes cultural information and current events in the target language relevant to the age group.  It is followed by fun and interactive games, and other activities that help use the language in a more natural and fun setting.

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