Services for Corporations

Professional Language Services for Corporations:

Language Services for specific departments such as Legal, Financial, Human Resources, Staff Development, etc.

Our mobile language solutions are an extension of your team. We treat all matters with the utmost confidentiality to reduce your liability and to provide the same care and service to all your clients and staff.


Services for the Healthcare Industrydoctors with boy

Treating patients is what you do best. When you can’t communicate with them due to limited English proficiency it keeps you from delivering the best care possible.

Misunderstandings lead to thousands of serious and even deadly errors each year exposing healthcare providers to tragic and costly results.

Protect your patients and your team from unnecessary liability and risk. Our mobile language solutions provide comprehensive packages which include translation of documents, interpretations, group language classes and staff training.

Services for the Real Estate IndustryCommercial-Subsector_new-home-construction

Real estate sales teams strive to create a positive buying/selling experience for their clients.  Having written material in their language allows clients to get all the information they need to make an educated decision on one of the largest transactions they will ever make.


Services for the Construction Industryconstruction-foreman-training-young-people-on-site

Two of the most important goals on a job site are to keep all crew members safe and to complete work efficiently and effectively. Communication is a key factor in these two areas.  Bilingual Connections provides builders and their teams the tools they need to better communicate.