Video Remote Interpretation Services

See and hear your interpreter as if they were sitting next to you

We have a team of language experts on hand who can meet and exceed the exact expectations of your organization. Our Video Remote Interpretation service provides all the benefits of an in-person experience at a fraction of the cost.

How It Works

At Bilingual Connections we understand the important contribution of facial expression to communication. Seeing the speaker gives you and your customer, student, client or patient access to the visual cues and contexts that make our interactions more personable and more accurate.

This is why we have pioneered a service that goes well beyond traditional telephone interpretation without the logistical hassle or the expense of in-person appointments.

No complicated equipment is required: with only internet access, a cell phone or a computer with a webcam, you can access our Video Remote Interpretation service and be sure that everyone can see the interpreter and feel confident that your client has understood what was said.

The Benefits of Video Remote Interpretation to Organizations

Many organizations choose to use our VRI services because they fit somewhere between telephone and in-person interpretation options. The convenience of 24-hour, instant access, combined with the personable touch of visual communication makes Video Remote Interpretation the ideal solution for many businesses and groups.

On Demand

On-demand access to our expert interpreters 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year! 

For most of us, life moves fast and in so many cases urgent and unplanned situations often arise that have immediate need for interpreters to provide instant language support.  For this reason, and to give you complete peace of mind, at Bilingual Connections we have developed a robust and advanced Video Remote Interpretation service that ensures that we can be there for you and your clients day and night, every day and night.

Instant Response

When you need urgent interpretation urgently, we provide VRI solutions often within just minutes.

Connect to an interpreter in any language without the need to schedule an appointment. Organizations who use our Video Remote Interpretation services don’t let language barriers hold up communication with their clients or patients.

Value for Money

It’s no longer necessary to choose between visual support and budget when it comes to using an interpreter.

In the past the only way to see your interpreter was to book an in-person session with a minimum charge and potential travel costs on top. Bilingual Connections uses VRI to give you that in-person experience without the extra bill that usually comes with it.

When To Use It

There are many occasions when the use of this system is appropriate. Some of the most demand comes from the healthcare sector where doctors, nurses and therapists frequently need to communicate sensitive, life or death matters to patients who speak other languages or who are deaf. These situations call for the added humanity of a face to face interpreter but arise too urgently to organize a physical visit. The video option that Bilingual Connections offers has revolutionized communication under these circumstances.

It’s not just medical services that are making use of this service. Businesses in all industry sectors that are located in hard to reach areas or that need to deal with non-English speaking partners and customers, have embraced VRI for meetings, consultations and any other interactions where relationship building is based on mutual understanding.

Platforms Available

Our state-of-the-art app enables our customers to access our service instantly no matter where they are or what their language needs are. Confusion and uncertainty are significantly reduced with the live feed, making it a great option for those in industries where urgent or important things are at stake. 

This ground-breaking service is available via all of the top web video interfaces and communication apps: 

  • Microsoft Teams
  • Skype
  • Whatsapp
  • Zoom

So, regardless of what you and your customers are familiar with, our Video Remote Interpretation platform will be compatible with your business technology. 

And there is no need to worry about technology quality – we operate with exceptionally high-resolution video, and with high-level audio connections. No fuzzy images or muffled sounds!

Languages We Offer

Our expert interpretation services are available in all the world’s major languages and with over 200 languages to choose from on a near-instant basis, we’re sure to have the language you need in any situation. 

Whether it’s Vietnamese, Arabic, Portuguese, Italian, Hindi, French or Spanish, we have interpreters who are able to join live feeds and provide a high-quality service at very short notice.

Sector Specialism

We’ve tailored our services to a number of very important industries. These sectors are all distinct and have their own specific requirements, and our Video Remote Interpretation language experts are experienced in the relevant industry related vocabulary.

  • Education – schools and universities can be highly stressful places for students and staff alike – this can be made worse when there is a barrier to successful communication, whether with a student or their parents. Our service can help with this problem in a quick and effective way. 
  • Social Services – perhaps no other sector deals with such serious situations on a daily basis – Video Remote Interpretation, with its quick access and varied language selection is perfect for communicating with a diverse section of the public. 
  • Federal and State Government agencies make decisions at the very highest level and deal with multiple stakeholders from diverse backgrounds. The VRI platform is the ideal tool to communicate with confidence. 
  • Medical – perhaps the most common use of VRI technology is in the medical sector as the patients whom medical staff treat come from diverse populations and are often vulnerable, making efficient and clear communication absolutely paramount. 
  • Legal – those in legal professions will often have meetings with clients and other parties with whom an interpretation facility could make a very significant difference in a case or proceeding. 

Why Work With Us

Language is our passion. Our firm is minority and woman owned, and our background gives us first-hand experience of how difficult it can be to manage in an environment where you do not speak the main language. 

For this reason we wanted to offer a service that would facilitate communication channels between different cultures and nationalities. We strive to support businesses to open their doors to communities that might otherwise have been left behind. We believe that effective interpretation can make an enormous difference to individuals and groups, enabling them to access help and become more fulfilled and productive members of society. 

We are  a minority, women owned business, registered with the System for Award Management. Our interpreters are native speakers, highly qualified and vastly experienced. 

Finally, another reason to work with us is our pricing. We put value for money at the heart of our  work, allowing business to access services that will benefit them and their customers at a price that is painless. We can also process credit cards including Government Purchase Card (GPC).

Other Services We Offer

  • On Demand Interpretation – access the services you need in the specific situation you are in instantly and without a complex interface. 
  • Simultaneous Interpretation – have somebody connected with you and your clients through a live video feed providing simultaneous interpretation making the process quick and efficient. 
  • Translation – we offer the translation of documents as well as live in-person interpretation. 
  • Language Classes – we can also provide high-quality language classes aimed at your specific business or industry, so your staff can learn the language for what you do!
  • Mobile Language Department – alongside the full package of translation and interpretation, we offer professional development opportunities and proficiency testing for bilingual staff. 
  • For the Community – we help social organizations, such as churches, with their interpretation needs so they can meet the requirements of the diverse communities they serve.  
  • For Corporations – our interpreters and translators hold specialised knowledge in a range of industries and different corporate sectors, 
  • American Sign Language (ASL) – we also provide ASL interpreters, which is why our video feed technology is such an important part of what we do!