Bilingual Connections

Why Work With Us

As a minority, woman owned business, we have first-hand experience of the challenges of a multilingual environment. But we also know the potential of these situations, and our passion for language can help your business realise them.

  • Native Speakers
  • 16+ Years’ Experience
  • Competitive Prices
  • Reliable & Convenient
  • ASL available
  • Interpreters You Can Trust

What our customers say about us

Don’t take our word for it, here are some of the fantastic reviews
and testimonials our clients and customers have given us:

I purchased a Groupon to take Beginner Spanish classes and love it!

The instructor is a native speaker and his teaching style is fun, interactive and memorable. They offer a variety of languages and the office is located conveniently in RTP.

Found this language school through the Living Social.

I am very impressed with the instructor and the Spanish level 1 course after the first two weeks.  The class is very conversational with plenty of dialogues and involvement.

As translation services go this was one of the best we’ve used.

Their language skills were obviously excellent, but the professionalism of the staff was second to none.
Will be using them again.

I’m very impressed with the quality of service they have.

Their translators are very professional.

An outstanding team managed with pure care for the client.

First class all the way!

We used the video interpretation services and it worked amazingly.

Both the clinical staff and the patient felt heard and understood. It was even better than a phone interpreter because the interpreter could see us so none of the meaning was lost.
A really great service!

Languages We Offer

Our expert interpretation services are available in all the world’s major languages and with over 200 languages to choose from on a near-instant basis, we’re sure to have the language you need in any situation. 

Whether it’s Vietnamese, Arabic, Portuguese, Italian, Hindi, French or Spanish, we have interpreters who are able to join live feeds and provide a high-quality service at very short notice.  

Other Services We Offer

On Demand Interpretation

access the services you need in the specific situation you are in instantly and without a complex interface. 

Simultaneous Interpretation

have somebody connected with you and your clients through a live video feed providing simultaneous interpretation making the process quick and efficient.


we offer the translation of documents as well as live in-person interpretation. 

Language Classes

we can also provide high-quality language classes aimed at your specific business or industry, so your staff can learn the language for what you do!

Mobile Language Department

alongside the full package of translation and interpretation, we offer professional development opportunities and proficiency testing for bilingual staff. 

For The Community

we help social organizations, such as churches, with their interpretation needs so they can meet the requirements of the diverse communities they serve.

For Corporations

our interpreters and translators hold specialised knowledge in a range of industries and different corporate sectors,

American Sign Language (ASL)

we also provide ASL interpreters, which is why our video feed technology is such an important part of what we do!