Bilingual Connections

Why Work With Us

Language is our passion. Our firm is minority and woman owned, and our background gives us first-hand experience of how difficult it can be to manage in an environment where you do not speak the main language.

  • Native Speakers
  • 16+ Years’ Experience
  • Competitive Prices
  • Reliable & Convenient
  • ASL available
  • Interpreters You Can Trust

When To Use It

Businesses in all industry sectors that are located in hard to reach areas or that need to deal with non-English speaking partners and customers, have embraced VRI for meetings, consultations and other relationship-building interactions.

How It Works

No complicated equipment is required: with only internet access, a cell phone or a computer with a webcam, you can access our Video Remote Interpretation service.

Platforms Available

Our state-of-the-art app enables our customers to access our service instantly no matter where they are or what their language needs are. 

Available via all of the top web video interfaces and communication apps:

  • Microsoft Teams
  • Skype
  • WhatsApp
  • Zoom

Languages We Offer

Our expert interpretation services are available in all the world’s major languages and with over 200 languages to choose from on a near-instant basis, we’re sure to have the language you need in any situation. 

Whether it’s Vietnamese, Arabic, Portuguese, Italian, Hindi, French or Spanish, we have interpreters who are able to join live feeds and provide a high-quality service at very short notice.  

Other Services We Offer

On Demand Interpretation

access the services you need in the specific situation you are in instantly and without a complex interface.

Simultaneous Interpretation

have somebody connected with you and your clients through a live video feed providing simultaneous interpretation making the process quick and efficient.

Document Translation

we offer the translation of documents as well as live in-person interpretation.

Language Classes

we can also provide high-quality language classes aimed at your specific business or industry, so your staff can learn the language for what you do!

Mobile Language Department

alongside the full package of translation and interpretation, we offer professional development opportunities and proficiency testing for bilingual staff. 

For The Community

we help social organizations, such as churches, with their interpretation needs so they can meet the requirements of the diverse communities they serve.

For Corporations

our interpreters and translators hold specialised knowledge in a range of industries and different corporate sectors

American Sign Language (ASL)

we also provide ASL interpreters, which is why our video feed technology is such an important part of what we do!