Communication practices have shifted dramatically over the last couple of years. With new technologies and the ever-growing world of no-contact business, the way we interact with each other is changing.

The world we’re working, living and learning in is also getting smaller as we find ourselves able to connect with people from all over the world. This means the need for Video Remote Interpretation (VRI) has never been greater, and a huge number of industries can see benefits from using this technology.

While remote interpreters are commonly used for large live events, requiring high skill and understanding of the context of the presentation, today many more industries are finding such services valuable. VRI connects an interpreter to any person who might need help communicating in a number of languages. The video element is especially user-friendly as it allows for personable, human interaction, which can be essential when dealing with sensitive situations.

There are many situations and contexts where Video Remote Interpretation is appropriate. Although much of the demand comes from the healthcare sector, there are many more industries that can benefit from using such technology. 

Where Video Remote Interpretation Can Be Used


We’ve found that our service is especially useful in medical settings, where healthcare professionals often find themselves having to communicate sensitive issues surrounding personal health, life or death situations and treatments. From emergency situations to ongoing care for chronic illnesses, clear and effective delivery of information is essential. 

Since doctors, nurses and therapists treat all kinds of people, interpreters can be a lifesaver. VRI goes a step further to remotely connect the patient with a skilled professional who can help them understand the situation and provides information with empathy.


During the pandemic, we saw a huge rise in the number of educational institutions benefiting from our services. As teaching shifted online, we provided an important tool for both educators and students. 

One of the main problems for remote teaching is engaging with students and interacting with them to keep them motivated. This issue becomes even worse when the student does not speak the same language as the teacher. VRI provides both the interpretation requirements and the ability to see facial expressions to make conversations easier and more personal without needing any extra equipment.

Customer Services

One of the must-haves of excellent customer care is effective communication. For large-scale companies with users all over the globe, it’s important to have customer support teams established in the right areas. However, there will be more remote regions where this kind of coverage isn’t always possible – that’s where we’ve found VRI to be extremely helpful. 

This kind of service means the company doesn’t have to lose a customer and in fact, it allows the team to offer a better service. Seeing a customer care representative face-to-face encourages the feeling of trust.


Our clients who have used our Video Remote Interpretation services within the legal context have reported very positive experiences. There are many cases where an interpreter is necessary to assist with the preparation of a case, and VRI is a great solution in terms of  affordability, flexibility and efficiency.

Corporate Business

We’ve noticed a definite increase in corporate reliance on VRI since the COVID-19 pandemic and it seems to be a trend that’s stuck. Companies dealing in global business are able to engage with partners and make deals and new connections with the help of a real-time interpreter. 

This service allows for more clarity for both parties and the necessary nuance when interacting with different cultures can be achieved. Plus, on a practical level, VRI eliminates the need to travel thus saving time and resources.


We are living in an age of rapid technological innovation, new products are being created all the time and faster than we ever imagined. These innovations are thanks to the hard work of teams spread out all over the world. The technology sector pools the brightest people from many different countries and cultures, which means interpretation is an important part of any development. While technical translations are useful for written content, conversations are often when the big breakthroughs happen. Our clients like the option of  video interpretation as it facilitates important meetings to ensure that they run smoothly and discussions are more fruitful.

As you can see, Video Remote Interpretation has never been more relevant or widespread. It’s fast becoming a useful tool for numerous sectors that require visual communication between individuals. There’s no doubt that the demand for our services has recently increased and we’re proud to say that we offer a wealth of experience and knowledge in this area of expertise.

Our expert team takes pride in their work and have experience with a range of businesses and professionals. If you’re interested in learning more about what we can provide, including VRI, get in touch today and our friendly team will be happy to offer their advice.

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